Write What You Know

So….it’s been a hot minute? Kate here, and I realize I’ve been a little MIA from Fit Nerd Physios these past few months.  I’m back, and with a bit of a new perspective on how I want to utilize the Fit Nerd Physios platform.

First, I’ll bring you up to speed.  Aimee and I are busy ladies – she’s over half a year into her first physiotherapy job, and is about to begin a residency. As for me, I’ve just finished two out of three long-term clinical internships and am about to start my final 13-week rotation this coming Monday (I’m SO excited for this one)! Since we last “spoke”, I’ve applied to several residency programs, and was offered interviews at each program I applied to.  I’m still in the midst of completing these interviews, as well as 1) spending a lot of mental energy on “plan B” – what happens if I’m not offered a residency spot/what clinics should I begin applying to for my first physiotherapy job and 2) studying frantically for the NPTE, which I will take…like three months from today. insert wide-eyed emoji here. All this while planning a wedding (I thought I had most of this done last summer…I was wrong LOL), preparing to present my research at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting this year, working out, sleeping….

No one would fault me if I said that I just “didn’t have time” to blog every other week. But that’s just not the truth.  The truth is that I didn’t like what I was doing with Fit Nerd Physios, and I didn’t want to waste my precious time continuing it.  One of my mentors has always told me that “consistency” is key – and so I felt pressured to put out a post every other week.  On the dot.  Regardless of whether it was a good quality article or something anyone would ever care to read – SOMETHING had to be posted every  other Tuesday.  ANd honestly?  Some of those posts I put out made me cringe, how bad they were.  So…when my schedule got hectic, I decided that writing meaningless BS just to be “consistent” was NOT something I wanted to engage in. So I stopped altogether.

I don’t really regret  it.  I spent October recovering from some severe insomnia I experienced during my final clinical rotation, November perfecting and submitting my sports residency applications, and December laying out a plan to study for the NPTE.  LOL just kidding, I spent December reading Harry Potter. But anyway – all important things.  This past week, however, I had time to sit down and re-assess my priorities, and realized that writing and storytelling are two things that 1) I enjoy and 2) I’m very good at. Things I’ve been good at since I was a kid.  So….I came to the realization that I can use these skills to speak to and inspire others through this blog – but “10 ways you’re using your foam roller wrong” is not the way to do it.  Nobody really wants to read that.

So, from now on, I’m going to write what I know, what I feel, and what I’m thinking about.  I’m going to write about:

-My experiences during my clinical rotations, especially the experiences during which I messed things up.  I hope that these posts will be valuable to current and future clinicians, but also to my friends and family who have been or will be patients of physical therapists and want to know how we think – and how much we care.

-My experiences with residency application and interviews (later in the spring, once results are finalized – and don’t worry, you’ll hear from me regardless of whether I’m accepted at a program or not)

-My athletic goals and development

-*gasp* *ohnoshedidnt* Mental health, body image, and the other weight problem America has that nobody talks about – eating disorders.

-My reflections on life’s purpose, on happiness, and on how to create your “dream job” (Dad – you are to blame for this global philosophical perspective of mine!)

My posts will likely not be regular. They will come whenever I feel the urge to write, whenever I have something to reflect on, and yes – whenever I have the time.  I apologize in advance for the lack of consistency, but (and this is something Aimee and I have discussed and agreed upon for the future of Fit Nerd Physios) – when I read blogs, I’ll take quality over consistency ANY day, and I hope that you will too!


-Kate @Fitnerdkate


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