For the Love of the Run

I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m a mediocre runner at best. When I’m training for a race I typically run a 10 min/mile pace, which is not bad, but is definitely not very competitive. So that being the case you’re probably wondering, ‘well why does she run if she’s not even good at it?’ Good question! This also gives insight as to why recreational runners/athletes are one of my favorite populations of people to treat! The answer: I run for the pure enjoyment of running (knowing that it comes with a side effect of improved fitness and mental status is just an added bonus!) Now I know some of you think this sounds crazy, but for others you know exactly what I mean!

Credit: Google Images

With all of the running tech gear available we have plenty of knowledge at our fingertips to record data for days, but to me this has a downside of making running more stressful and less enjoyable. Sometimes there comes a point when running (and any other sport for that matter) is so calculated that it becomes stress inducing instead of stress relieving. I definitely believe in training and challenging oneself, but what I aim to remember is at the end of the day I’m running because I love to run. I constantly push myself to do my best, but I won’t lose sleep if I didn’t hit a PR. This has made running much more enjoyable for me!

I am by no means trying to downplay training and competing because I still compete now, but I have found a way to compete and have fun simultaneously. I used to run with the sole purpose of beating my fastest time, which caused me to lose sight of why I started running in the first place. Nowadays I am still serious about races, making sure I do my due diligence in terms of training, but I also make sure that I’m still enjoying myself in the process.

My challenge to all you FitNerds out there is to ask yourself “why do you run?” Maybe it’s for fitness, maybe it’s an escape from everyday stress, there’s often not just one answer to that question, but I do think it is important to have an answer to that question. After all, if you have no reason why you are doing something, then why do it? Food for thought 🙂

Credit: Google Images

Until next time, happy running!


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