The Dynamic Warm Up


Courtesy: Google Images

I will be the first to say that there is not a lot of definitive research regarding a dynamic warm up for running, but I am partial to performing one simply because I feel that it primes my muscles well prior to running. You will notice that I specifically said ‘dynamic’ as I am not a huge fan of static stretching, especially prior to performance. I will refrain from delving deep into the stretching debate, but I am of the opinion that just because a muscle feels tight does not mean that it is short and needs to be lengthened (which is what static stretching tends to accomplish) so I think time is better spent using a technique to reduce the tone in the muscle. An increase in muscle tone is often why the muscle feels tight, and can be addressed with techniques such as self myofascial release (i.e. foam rolling, mobility balls/bands, etc…). I personally tend to wait until after I’m done running/working out to perform myofascial release and focus more on a pure dynamic warm up prior to running.


Courtesy: Google Images

I view the dynamic warm up in the same light as a warm up prior to weight training. The idea is to target the muscle groups that you plan to use in the upcoming activity. In running we tend to think of targeting the lower body, but I think the upper body should get a little attention too! Don’t forget you have to swing your arms when you run! I’ve given a few of these warm ups a try so I thought I’d share them with you! Enjoy!

The 5 Minute Dynamic Warm Up for Running by Ryan DeBell (‘The Movement Fix’)

How to Warm Up Before Your Run by The Run Experience

Warm Up with Chris Hinshaw by CrossFit

Running Drill Sampler by Chris Johnson PT

If you are interested in checking out the evidence available in regards to warming up prior to performance check out this article on Bret Contreras’ website!

Until next time, happy running!



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