Practice What You Preach

As a current DPT student and #fitnerdphysio, I value the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. This is as much for me as it is for my patients. Having been on the other side of the spectrum as a patient in the medical system, I find it very challenging to take advice from a medical professional that does not care about applying the principles of exercise and nutrition to their lifestyle.

A good example of a medical professional that practices what he preaches is Spencer Nadolsky, author of The Fat Loss Prescription. For those of you that have not heard of him, he has dubbed himself one of the #docswholift. He consistently puts out content of him working out and eating healthy, which is a great way to inspire patients to do the same!

There’s also been a lot of talk lately in the physical therapy and fitness community about how physical therapists don’t practice what they preach in regards to exercise. Here’s my thoughts on that:

  1. If you think about it in terms of personal training, are you going to listen to the trainer that looks like they workout or the trainer that looks like they sit on the couch? This does not mean that you have to look ripped, but there is value in looking the part.
  2. I’ve recently found myself telling my patients ‘I wouldn’t have you do this exercise unless I’ve tried it myself’. If you plan on prescribing an exercise to a patient, you should know what it feels like to perform that exercise!
    When evaluating your current lifestyle, I challenge you to think that if you were a patient, would you listen to you? If the answer is “No,” I encourage you to take steps towards changing that answer to a “YES!”


This article was originally featured HERE on UpDoc Media.

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