What I Learned From The Movement Fix

I recently attended The Movement Fix Workshop with Dr. Ryan DeBell at a local Crossfit gym near Charlotte, NC. I want to share with you some of my big takeaways from the workshop!

1. Proper breathing and abdominal bracing techniques are essential when performing big lifts with an external load. Being a newbie to movement and lifting, I did not realize how important these techniques are for creating spinal stiffness. You can perform loaded movement patterns such as squats, deadlifts, and Olympic lifts without worrying about breathing, but you will be more prone to a back injury. Breathing and bracing create spinal stiffness by making the spine a more rigid structure, which is essential when the spine is under load. Here’s a video from Darkside Strength that goes into breathing and bracing progressions.

2. Hip airplanes are a great exercise for motor control of the hip. If you are like me and struggle to perform a single leg deadlift without wobbling all over the place this is a great exercise for you! To learn more, check out this video!

3. In DPT school we are taught about banded ankle mobilizations to improve dorsiflexion where the band is placed around the distal tib-fib joint. Ryan’s way of performing this mobilization is MUCH better! He places the band at the talus and provides a vertical distraction with the band, which is much more effective. Here’s his video with a more in-depth explanation.

Here’s a few reasons why attending this workshop is beneficial as a DPT student.

1. Ryan breaks down what he’s doing in a very simple manner, making it easy to understand. The workshop is geared towards helping athletes understand how to help themselves, as well as coaches helping their athletes. Being an athlete myself, this was very helpful for me to learn more about how I move. Every DPT student should understand how they are moving if they expect to help others understand how to move better!

2. Ryan blends different approaches to produce his movement assessment/treatment. These include the joint-by-joint approach, Shirley Sahrmann’s work, and the SFMA. It definitely reminds me of the SFMA with the way he assesses and then breaks down the movement, but it’s done in a more simple manner.

3. If you’re a DPT student that is interested in working with Crossfit athletes, this workshop is a must! The workshop is definitely tailored to the Crossfit population, but it is still informative for anyone that does any type of barbell lifts or Olympics lifts.

4. Ryan is a cool guy and is very willing to ‘talk shop’ after the workshop!



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